Early Satori

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In the full arrogance & need
of early adolescence
I challenged God to a showdown.
Oh, I had my reasons.
Born into no particular cosmology
but fated with faith,
familiar with the tales to some degree
but trusting no text,
I followed the example, if not the words,
of those with similiar curiosity.

So I climbed a big hill,
sat down, announced myself.
I said I would wait.
5 years I sat there, on & off.
Turning ever inward, a white hot spiral
turning in until I saw my skin from the inside.
Then I was looking out.
I felt my way through grass & earth.
The quieter I became, the louder everything was.
I realized that grass talks to grass
& listened in.
Trees have language,
even stones think sun-baked thoughts,
sleep, dreaming of enormous reptiles, in the earth.

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I still write poems, but only if I can make them fit the constraints ofTwitter.

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