Ascension To Alchemist: II

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When the time is right
I will take the world
by grace & storm.
Nobody will ever know
I've done this.
Nothing external will change.
    It is only that
I will no longer question destiny.
The three wyrd sisters will speak to me
laying aside their spinning & snipping
& stilling the shuttle in the loom
should I stop by.
   All roads go where they are going
but I will choose when & where I walk.
Whether it be deer-path, highway or open field
I will not be bound by the shoulders & gullys
that mark accepted trails.
   It is not that Mystery will cease.
She will lay down beside me.
    We will wed within.
The world in which I walk
  will walk within me.
All six senses will sing
        wild & simple tunes of pleasure
Doors will open to my gaze
             like windows.

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