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The last day in the midwest was forty waking
hours long.  We smoked eight packs of Camels each.

She asked "Why do you want to kiss me?"
& I cd not say, "Because I want to."

Sometimes playing the fool
makes the night seem twice as long .

We hit the plains states at night, fearing the emptiness  it held.
I closed my eyes the whole way, "the hell w/ the void".

First day in Olympia:  a double rainbow at dawn,
African drums in the distance, jungles & sand dollars.

We were sensual animals scenting the trail
of the mythical nymphs in swishy skirts.

Scattered 'cross the country, connected by our nascent crafts,
to take a walk down the block, we had to cross state lines.

"Wherever three of you are gathered in my name,
I'll be there, smoking for Elvis." 

We didn't know what it meant.  The plan was
we wd gather together, Jeff & I went first.

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