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My first published work, 1992. Although the overall series strikes me now as ridiculously ambitious, there are still a lot of good poems here.

12 years have gone by since I wrote this book.

A year ago, I found a copy in a used book store in Grand rapids, MI and thought a moment about how much has changed in the world since then. On the other hand, some things hadn't changed all that much. At the time I wrote this book I was a "wandering poet," throwing my soul around like some kind of trick lassoo that might just snare me the horse of my dreams. And when I found that used book, I was homeless again, but a sculptor this time. Maybe only the dreams had changed.

A year later, I've traded art for land, home and a studio, and I begin to suspect the game can change. Perhaps that soul was a better lassoo than I thought. But what really matters, for the purpose of this intro, is the poems... Have the poems changed with time?

Well, I think the answer is yes and no. I wrote these from a deep core of mythology that I felt would always speak to the people of tomorrow, and I think they've held up pretty well so far. I'm maybe a little embarrassed by the staggering ambition of the book now, but then, what's youth good for anyway if not a blinder to the foolishness of taking on insurmountable tasks? Looking at the work today, there's stuff I'd do differently but I think on the whole there are a lot of good poems here. Skip on down the page and see how you feel.

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