A Souvenir Shop of Body Parts

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Ypsi is the capital of coiffure, home of hair, nabob of nails and tanning bed heaven. A dead industrial town, it has given itself over to the arts of the mortician, prettying up the pallor of people who live under perpetually gray skies. In Ypsilanti, women wear such elaborate do's that they must sleep like bats, hanging from rafters. More piled curls than a Louis Quatorze baroque opera house, enough fake nails to build the dreadnought ship of Norse apocalypse and bring on Ragnorak. Yes, Ypsi is a huge mojo cachet of skin, hair and nails. A souvenir shop of body parts—wigs and skin flicks, whores, tattoos and untouchables. A big gris gris mess balancing precarilously somewhere between bordello and abbatoire.

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